Horticulture Services

Spring/Fall Landscape Prep: Includes pruning shrubs as needed for best growth and shape, cutting perennials to the ground and removal of any annuals. Beds are blown out and all debris is removed and hauled away.

Tree pruning: Tree pruning to raise low branches, remove double leaders, and shape trees as needed.

Granular fertilizer for shrubs and perennials: Slow-release fertilizer application for season-long feeding of small shrubs and perennial plants.

Root feeding of trees: Application of slow-release fertilizer for season-long feeding. Injection system for trees at 8” depth. Excellent feeding for trees stressed by pest problems and huge growth booster for young trees.

Iron root feeding for chlorotic trees: A formula of readily available iron and manganese in a soil injection.

Mulch topdressing: Topdressing of mulch to existing mulch beds.

Pre-emergent Herbicide application to landscape beds: Application of pre-emergent herbicide to landscape beds to reduce annual weed growth.

Perimeter Pest Control 3 applications: Foundation spraying to kill spiders, crickets, centipedes, and other pests surrounding the building.

Spring/Fall Tree Insecticide Treatment: Preventative treatment against damage from aphids, leafhoppers, and the ash plant bug.

Landscape Maintenance: 1 Visit / Monthly/ Bi-weekly site visit to concentrate on weed management and monitor insect and disease problems on plants, deadhead perennials, and any necessary minor pruning.

Fall tree wrapping service: Wrapping of necessary trees to protect from deer, rodent, and frost damage.

Lawn Care Feralization and Weed Control

Step #1: Spring Green-up Formula, granular slow-release.
Step #2: Liquid fertilizer plus Pre-emergent Wheatgrass Control.
Step #3: Slow-release summer formula plus spot treatment for weeds.
Step #4: Liquid fertilizer plus broadleaf weed control.
Step #5: Granular Slow release winterize.

Fall Lawn Aeration: The most effective way to control thatch buildup is by aerating annually. Aeration also breaks up soil compaction and greatly aids air and water movement to the root zone for healthier turf.