Spring & Fall Clean-Up

Get ready for the changing seasons with clean up services from First Dakota Horticulture. A clean outdoor space not only looks nice, it also makes it easier to keep your lawn and outdoor plants happy and healthy. Let First Dakota Horticulture help you achieve or maintain a great looking outdoor space and happy outdoor plants with professional spring or fall clean up services. We will help remove excess debris and litter from your lawn and landscaping and prepare your lawn for a great growing season. Contact us today to discuss your clean up needs or to schedule a service appointment.

Spring/Fall Landscape Prep

Includes pruning shrubs as needed for best growth and shape, cutting perennials to the ground and removal of any annuals. Beds are blown out and all debris is removed and hauled away.

Spring/Fall Tree Insecticide Treatment

Preventative treatment against damage from aphids, leafhoppers, and the ash plant bug.